New Upgrade: Psi Link Materials.

This is an upgrade exclusive to the leader category.
This is given selectively as a balance mechanic.
This is an expansion on the idea someone else posted on secondary leader slots.

This unlocks a new tier similar to Omicrons in the ability description.
This upgrade gives a portion of the leader bonus to everyone.

New Event cycle:
(Faction) Leadership test: Bring team(s) to combat the enemy.
Modifiers any time an ally fills their turn meter, the leader gets a turn. Leader has unique ability command, grant ally 100% turn meter. Every time an ally attacks that unit gains Attrition.
Event Debuff: Attrition: Unique, can not be dispelled. This decreases health, speed, and damage for every ability used.

This game mode is a juggle of commanding your units to defeat the enemy without becoming exhausted.

Psi Link Explanation: Characters who aren't necessarily underused, but rarely used as a leader.
Examples: Piett, Stormtrooper Han, Princess leia, Ima-gun Di, Farmboy Luke, etc
Theres a ton of them.

Say for Piett his bonus would be: When not leading, all empire allies gain 30% potency up.
Farmboy Luke: All rebel allies recieve half the tenacity when Farmboy luke is not leading.
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