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A word from our Lead Designer on Darth Bane, CG_Mouse:
“Darth Bane is the next Conquest character coming to SWGOH and as the Lead Designer on him, I’m thrilled to walk you through some of his highlights today! With his addition to the game, we really wanted to embrace the Sith philosophy of strength through force which is demonstrated throughout the entirety of his kit, but is especially apparent in both his Leader, “Only The Strong Survive”, and Unique, “Rule of Two”. Coupled with his Grand Arena Omicrons, Bane is capable of challenging SWGOH’s heaviest hitters, including Galactic Legends.

With his Leader, Darth Bane can assemble a band of misfit Sith with sufficient Relic investment and turn them into a competitive fighting force. This is a major utility point for Bane as it will allow many Sith in the game to be potential options for his lineup. An exciting prospect for Sith heavy rosters (and unsettling for your opponent)! Additionally, with his Unique he can be paired alongside one other powerful Sith to fully embrace the iconic “Rule of Two” with a lengthy list of buffs and immunities for both Bane and his ally. Sith Eternal Emperor has a special callout within Bane’s kit and the duo are quite a force to be reckoned with. [Wat leaves the chat... (Tusken Meathead footnote)]

Although Darth Bane has had multiple iterations and visions throughout Star Wars, we embraced his iconic look and appearance from the Clone Wars cartoon. It was a huge creative opportunity to make sure the power of this Sith of legends lived up to his terrifying reputation, and it’s our pleasure to bring him to you on the Holotables!”

PS - Before you ask, yes the following Conquest character is Light Side.
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