Relic or focus on another team?

So I just finished relicing Vader to R3 and im wondering, Is it better if i relic my empire team as a whole? Relic Vader to R5? Or do i focus on another team like the Bounty Hunters (for cls team and good early fleet) I dont have any plans on rushing any GLs right now.


  • The question is..... What would you be doing w/ your Cantina energy each day if not working on Vader Relics?
    Given enough time, you will discover that relics is never ending, so my suggestion is, ALWAYS be farming relic mats. But don't be afraid to come off them if you need a character for a certain team.

    For example:
    I have boatloads of single/double levels of Relics to complete my farm for Leia, and I also have to finish Drogan who is in cantina too.
    So I just keep focusing on relics till every single person is done to the max they need for Leia, and only then do I shift to Drogan
    (Secretly hoping that in the meantime they stick him somewhere for a weekend as bonus shards so I have less to farm when I do farm him.)

    From the looks of your roster above I'm not seeing anything else your farming w/ Cantina, so I'd push Vader to 5, or higher, he needs to be R7 for something (Executor/SEE?) so it's not a waste to push at least that far.
    The rest of the Empire team needs to go higher too really, it won't hurt at all since most of them need to also be R5-6-7 for various events.
  • I vote for Relics!

    I say bring on your Relics game collectivemouse!
    Make them Red & Blue & Shiny!
    Let the Relic power surge thru your finger tips
  • In hindsight there is 1 thing I can see on your full roster but not in the Pic.

    Your TIE-Silencer isn't finished that you get w/ KRU node.

    I'd finish that as well to help our your first fleet of Geos.

    Other than that, yeah, Relics.
  • I like @Schwartzring 's thinking on this, but I would add one thing:

    The relic mats to get to r5 generally don't conflict with boosting g12 toons to g13. Going from g12+0 gear to g13 or r1 is still pretty tough in this game.

    At your level of play, I wouldn't say do not relic past r5, but I would say that you should be careful of relicing past r5. Most toons should, for now, go up to r5 but no higher UNLESS you have a very specific reason. That reason could be anything (maybe it's a requirement for a GL or maybe it's just a toon you love and it will make you happy to max it out), but make sure that you have a reason why that particular toon should be an exception. Otherwise you'll need to slow down your g12 progress in order to speed up your r6/r7 progress.

    What's nice is that with enough g12 toons you can get yourself into a guild running the speeder bike raid. And once you're there, you can buy those precious r6+ mats using raid rewards instead of salvaging valuable g12 gear.

    So let your r5s sit and percolate. At least most of them. You can always bring them up later, and a team with one r5 and 4 r2s or r3s is going to be much stronger than a team with 1 r7 or r8 and a bunch of g12s.

    Schwartzring said "r5 or higher" and I'm not contradicting that. I just think you should give some careful evaluation to the character before going higher than r5.
  • Yes, the "or higher" was strictly for Vader since its not a waste for him but I wouldn't recommend that for everyone.

    At 10M GP, I still have VERY FEW characters above R5 that were not REQUIRED to be there for some other event. Like, VERY FEW.
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