What characters would you like to see?



  • I would personally love to see more clones. It feels wrong to me that the only two "clones" in the game are Fives and Clone Sergent-Phase 1. And yes I know some characters, like Plo-Koon, have clone synergies, but they arnt really that effective with only two true clones. My suggestion would be have Captain Rex and Commander Cody at least, then you could possibly have a 4 clone team with a jedi leader to work with. Since Fives is a tank/counterattacker and Phase 1 is an attacker, I'd recommend Rex being an attacker and Cody being a support with a healing ability. These guys were huge in the Clone Wars show and it feels wrong that they are not represented.
  • I want storm trooper Luke
  • Rex and Cody are definitely omissions. Could add a few more from Clone Wars or the likes of Gree, Appo or Bacara, but I think less need for named Clones... Possibly there could be generic additions like Clone Commando, Shock Trooper, ARC, etc?
  • KeremSkywalker
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    I don't want characters like Stormtrooper Han or Clon Wars Chewbacca and Luke without lightsaber.But I saw Luke with lightsaber on dark side wars,I saw normal Chewbacca and Han.In a photo I saw Yoda but I didn't see Yoda(in Dark Side and Light Side)and we want more abilities in characters.
    General Grievous,Padme,Darth Bane.Jar Jar,R2D2,BB8,Real Luke,Han and Chewbacca,Yoda,Jango Fett a and SKINS
  • CPMP
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    From movies:

    -Young obi-wan
    -Jango Fett
    -Ki adi mundi
    -Luke with lightsaber (black suit green saber)
    -Emperor palpatine with AOE force lightning

    From other:
    Since HK-47 added, maybe...

    -Darth Malak
    -Darth Sion
    -Darth Traya (with 3 floating lightsabers)
  • General Kenobi ... with clone armor and brown cape, like the episode when he is on a speeder bike and fights Durge!
    "You don't want to sell me death sticks... You want to go home and rethink your life. "
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Pre Vizsla Jek-14 and Pong Krell are the ones I want to see.

    I'd also like bounty hunter Leia but that would have crappy thermal detonators so...
    Roger roger
  • Sorry to resurrect a dead thread... Just looked back over this one and many others like it... Yep Tusken Shaman was clearly demanded for by the masses, just behind Jawa Engineer.
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