Want to get paid EA? Make something worth paying for.

For $40 USD, at the bare minimum I expect the four characters at 7 stars, and some gear. I will not spent $40 to get 0-50 shards of these 4 characters. Your market rates are atrocious and get you money only from impatient children with no responsibilities. Get this through your thick skulls.

The lightspeed bundles were a good start and the first time I spent money on this game since the release of Commander Luke Skywalker.



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    If you think this is bad, look up what they pull in Madden
    EA not cg
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    OP, I think your ire is misdirected. CG/EA charge these rates because they are made profitable by the community as a whole. If there's one thing I trust CG/EA to do, it's maximize profits. I'd wager that they have a pretty good idea what prices maximize their revenues.
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