Little help with farm direction

Hi All,

I'm at a mini crossroads in terms of farming path, it's not overly problematic but i'm also a stickler for trying to be efficient.

I'm a few days away from 7* GBA, which will complete my Geo squad with all being G12. I will then finalise Padme to 7* with an aim of bringing that squad up to relics. This is all in preparation to work towards GAS.

On the side, i'm just concluding my Imperial Troopers squad as i'm so close to having them all 7*. I will leave this team at G12 but relic Piett overtime for Executer.
I am also farming bomber/ig-2000 in the background, along with GR ships (anakin, ahsoka etc etc).

My targets are as follows:
- Work towards completing Malevolence fleet (as this will be a reasonably quick farm due to my geo setup currently)
- Work towards GAS
- Work towards Executer

My problems are:
- I am currently farming Hyena Bomber and Vulture Droid to complete my Malevolence fleet. But this will involve using GET2 currency to unlock Malevolence at 5*. This will delay negotiator farming.
- By farming HB/VD it is also using up energy meaning i am unable to farm requirements for Beskar Armor Mando.

I am therefore delaying Executer and GAS whilst working on Malevolence. The question i keep going over in my head, is whether the Malevolence is worth it?
- Do i drop HB/VD to farm BAM requirements?
- Do i ignore Mal capital ship and go straight for Negotiator 7*?
- Do i finish Mal and then move on to Negotiator/Executer?

I will free up a little energy when i finish imperial troopers to start the BAM farm, but it will only be partial and not all requirements.

How good would Malevolence be in climbing fleet arena? I'm currently around rank 20 with a fleet of Home One / HT / Silencer / KR Shuttle / Slave 1 / Ghost / TA.
Basically everyone between rank 1 to 50 are running very similar fleets due to the LSB's. Would a mal be a good counter towards Hounds Tooth, as that is the staple of fleets i face.
If it would help me push towards rank 1, i'm tempted to finish Mal....

Thanks for help in advance


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    Hey there! So I'm understanding what you have written down, and you seem to have a decent plan set up for the next couple months. I'll provide my thoughts per each farm, then tell you what I recommend.

    - GAS

    GAS is a big farm, but is very fun to have. With G12 geos, you will be able to get that 7 star padme, and i would recommend taking most of the GAS "requirements" of to relic, as generally they're all useful later. (LV, JMK, etc.)

    - Malevolence Fleet

    Malevolence is a great fleet to climb ranks with early game. I personally would prefer Negotiator, but since you already have your geos up and running, Malevolence will be perfect. Since you bought the HDB, you already have a 5 star vulture droid. No hyena bomber yet, but I would continue to farm them up,

    - Executor path

    So executor is still a bit of ways for you. You still need a bunch of relic characters for executor which is a set back, you also still need razor crest and tie bomber as well. I would recommend taking care of GAS and Malevolence first, get some GP from them, then you can start going after Beskar Mando and Razor Crest.

    To sum everything up:

    Continue on your GAS farm and side farm malevolence ships. After that, work towards beskar mando reqs, and get yourself to 4 Mil GP for RC Conquest. After that, then you can consider working towards an Executor. From there, I would recommend either JMK, SLKR, or LV as a first GL.
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    Thanks for the advice Ultradude, appreciate it.

    I like the sound of that, as GAS is very much my preferred farm. So I'm happy that I won't hurt myself by prioritising GAS over Executer. I think I will continue to farm bomber/ig2000, but just park the BAM section of it for now.

    So I suppose my biggest question now is do I prioritise malevolence with my GET2 currency to finish that fleet? At least getting mal to 5*?

    GAS will take a bit more time so doing negotiator second shouldn't be too much of an issue? I suppose I can always fall back on 7* Endurance as a backup, as I don't mind doing one two refreshes of that event if it's the final requirement I am waiting on.

    *Edit* oh and I haven't really considered GLs yet, but I really like the sound of LV. One because I like to take different paths than what's 'popular' but secondly is that I really want to build up a bad batch team at some point.
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    Yeah you'll want to spend almost all (if not all) on Malevolence until you get it to 7 stars. After, I would do the same thing for negotiator, which you'll most likely have GAS already, but I recommend that path after Malevolence. For Endurance, I would recommend getting it to the minimum 40K power needed, then hold off. You can get your Windu between gear 12 or relic 3, as he's needed at that level for JMK, and then upgrade the abilities to however much power is needed after Windu.

    LV will be nice to have at the lower levels, as he will get you holds on defense, but once you face guys who have the bounty hunters, and have the cheese team, or just have all the GL's, you'll want to take him off defense for a bit until Reva, DTMG, etc become more accessible to you. LV also does have probably some of the best requirements, but they're all relic 5+, with 4 relic 8's as well. I would recommend them though.

    Last thing, start hoarding your GET 1 now so you can buy the GAS shards whenever you're able to purchase them in the store. If you want to talk more, you can send me a direct message on discord to Ultradude488 :)
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    Thanks for the help again. Gives me enough to focus on in the short to mid term, and i can worry about my first GL a little further down the road!
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    I have only repeat what you posted. I would not go for LV first either due to the non-GL counters. Consider JMK to go with your GAS.
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    for your IT team i would think it best to take them all to relics, at least at some point
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