Gl rey event help

I need help with thr ultimate tier. I have lost throughout this event soooo many times it's not funny. I am so tired of losing g 70 flipping gl tickets because kylo one shots my team. I used the team of rey jt, both heros and zori and I can kill the troopers but then kylo heals or gains protection. I avoid rey jt last ability as I know it gives him protection. I try inflicting healing sound on kylo but he then kills my team making it almost impossible to win. Also my gl rey as a speed of 526. And I use the strategy of her one ability on zori and then on jt rey. But then for some reason she is one shot the troopers with her one ability. BuT they aren't thr problem. Kylo attacked and one shot zori and Finn in one attack. This has by far been my worst gl experience yet. Losing in the lower tiers is frustrating but losing in tier 4 5 and 6 really angers me..


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