I can't get past Iden Versio Mid Boss in Sector 5!!!

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I spent 450 crystals on consumables specific to the Sith and empire factions along with other consumables and they still get obliterated. I use CLS with 3 good consumables and they get destroyed. I was able to get to the last battle of Conquest last time. Does anyone know squads who do well against Iden? I don't have any GL's up and running (I'm putting Zetas and building JML's Ultimate). I have CLS, Starkiller, Darth Revan, Imperial Troopers, JKR/JML. I've already tried most of these squads and they get DESTROYED!
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  • Have you gone to YouTube? Several streamers have videos on various non GL squads to beat boss nodes.
    This is a great site too.
  • Yes I have but they use GL squads and Bit Dynasty used Imperial Reminant and Bad Batch and I have neither.
  • Ok, CLS, raid han, chewie, three pack or r2, tank that pretaunts. Dash lead, BAM lead also help.
    Disks- vol vanguard, amp agony’s, power or vitality, ruthless offense or swiftness.
    Stun Iden, use CLS to attack whomever has highest TM to reduce and not get stuck behind shores taunt. R2 to stun on basic. Avoid AOEs if they are going to have several counterattack because they are not stunned, staggered, etc…
    Good luck.
  • Finally, build squads with names like 1 mid boss, 3 boss once you find a winner so next time you are not guessing.
    When feats are spoiled here, I build squads with titles like confuse, expose, LS UFUs, so I know where to use them to make ply go quicker. If I built 2 clone kill squads but only use one, I delete the other.
  • @Range1974 thanks for that! I will give it a shot. I have Dash, Bam and a R7 R2.
  • That didn't come close. I tried a few combos. I just die.
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    I don’t know what disks you have or have equipped, but if you have Amplify Agony/Volatile Accelerator, along with some Ruthless Swiftness and maybe Ruthless Offense, it will help. Use CLS with Han and he’ll go first and stun Iden. Usually the assists from Chewie, etc will all cause your team to go full TM. You can swap 3PO for Dash on that team and use his full AoE to wipe out a bunch and daze them. Chewpios AoE blind will also do a bunch of dmg because of AA/VA. If you need to, equip the Ability Block consumable (and maybe health or protection ones) and that will help too.
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    I tried it with my half stamina CLS Chewpio team and the overprepared, attack up and protection consumables and nearly won.
    Had a bunch of AA and Invasive endings and only used the aoe attacks when I wanted my toon dead, to trigger invasive endings.
    Also one ruthless: turn meter disk and one offense disk.
    If you keep iden stunned to prevent her revive, you should be able to kill the rest with sacrificing Chewpio and Chewbacca, and then clean up iden with Han, CLS and 3PO.
    Could be worth a try.
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  • 1 vol. accelerator, 2 caustic emissions, 1-2 amplify agony, and some protection shield.
    should be golden for most.
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