What do y'all think of this team comp?

I was thinking of
Boba lead, boussh, greedo, bossk, aurra,
If y'all have any suggestions let me know
The reason I picked them is I need all of them for Jabba, so if y'all can recommend pre reqs for him please do


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    Aurra lead is a faster contract, or bossk lead is pretty good too. I think that krrsantan would be better than greedo though
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    Having boba lead in a team with thermals is like a lottery if you can get your contract at all. If that enemy that acted first dies to a thermal, there is no way to get the contract. Bossk is a way better lead.
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    Auura's counter chance sounds pretty good with the bonus attacks, stun, and therms,
    But bossk does get a lot of defense,
    I think I'll try switching them around to see who works better
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