Best 3v3/5v5 Defense/Offense teams for late early-game to mid game?

I need some help to improve in Arena 3v3/5v5, here's my swgoh code:

Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • Hi @DarthDavanus - having a Quick Look at your roster I’d suggest you focus a bit more on completing some of the solo journeys (GAS, Padme , DR, Malak, Starkiller etc) - and for now don’t worry too much about GAC.

    By all means have a tonk when it’s on - and enjoy the crystals and free stuff you get for taking part - but I think you’ll find you naturally build a basic set of teams as you work through the journey. You can supplement your Journey teams with some solid GAC dependables like 501st, Imperial Troopers, CLS rebels, UFUs etc but I think work on your foundation first.

    Having said that, that’s just my opinion as a (late-mid-game?) player who did a lot of the journeys before GAC was launched. Other strategies may be better for you
  • Looks like you’ve got one of the best already — EP + Mara — so Kudos there.

    Do you watch any YouTube videos?

    I highly recommend two videos by a content created called Calvin Awesome. If you search his channel for “roster building - 6 best teams at low gear” and “roster building - best non kyrotech teams,” you’ll have some great options to choose from.

    If you’re interested in a more holistic approach, I HIGHLY recommend “Gerbil” farming guide. Search for “The Gerbil - crazy but efficient farming guide.” Not only does he recommend which teams, but discusses how they can be farmed simultaneously, which teams to use for offense (and how), and which teams to place on defense.

    Between these three videos, you should be able to choose a path that fits your goals and play-style.

    Good luck!
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