Omegas, Zetas, and Omicrons

What is the best way to collect these for multiple characters at a time?


  • Somebody’s gotta tell you so I suppose I will….

    It’s not really feasible to collect zetas and omicrons for multiple toons simultaneously.

    This is a resource management game more than anything else, choose wisely, don’t splurge, and you’ll eventually have enough zetas and omegas to go around (but never omicrons)
  • When you’re working on a farm, see it through to the end. Focus on one toon or currency at a time, if applicable. For example I’m working on Jabba, so my fleet and normal energy are going into Lando to get from g12-13. My cantina energy is going into Aurra Sing shards to get her to 7*, and then it’ll go into relic materials. Keep at it and eventually you’ll have more zetas and omegas than you know what to do with (but never omicrons)
  • Well I'm currently working on First Order and Galactic Empire teams, First Order for SLKR and Empire for my squad arena. I just want a way to upgrade them better and pick good characters for the Imperial team.
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