SIGM∆ DELT∆ 480M+ GP, 31⭐ROTE, 25+ Reva, 300m+ SBR, 75% TW Winrate. Member of THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE.



Join SIGM∆ DELT∆ - 480m+ GP - Sigma Alliance Member

THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE is a 15 Guild Alliance.
DELT∆ is a 480+ million GP HIGHLY competitive TW-focused guild that looks out for one another and motivates each other to develop rosters.
We are looking for players with 8.5M+ GP, a PvP-capable roster, 4+ GLs, one or more GL-Tier Capital ships and who hate to lose! With unmatched leadership, planning, strategic analysis we have many resources available to get the most out of our roster.

What we offer:
  • 31* ROTE
  • 300m+ SBR Raid
  • High TW Winrate >75%
  • Pushing hard towards Reva (25+ Shards)
  • Dedicated, helpful & organized leadership
  • Roster Development and coaching available

What we are looking for:
  • Active players
  • 8.5M+ GP
  • 4.5m SBR Damage
  • Mandatory participation in TB (with operations)
  • Grand Inquisitor mandatory farm (Reva ready)
  • TW is mandatory to participate on both sides
  • Meta TW omicrons
  • Discord account is mandatory (for guild event coordination)
  • 600 tickets a day. Ticket reminders are sent via discord (Hotbot)

Stop by the dropzone in discord, and fill out the player survey and request to be sorted into a guild today!


Discord Contact: mekerakesh
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