Is this team able to beat the CAT proving grounds?

my rouster is here (I don't know why the link is white in color. anyway, my ally code is 735121651)

-> I'm a casual player and doesn't really care about GAC, and I'm aware that CAT is useless unless with JMK.(Though she can fit in a Padme team)

One of my primary goal after I leveled up to Lv 85 is to unlock CAT (It's an obsession, not for beating others in GAC), and I've been getting GET3 currency to buy CAT shards and now I'm at 205/330 (215/330 by the end of this TB). That's before I'm elligible to participate in the proving grounds tier(the 4m cap)

Now after the buying the LSBs, I managed to get SLKR and reached 4m GP
last month I've tryed the CAT tier with no ultimate SLKR and failed
this month I managed to ultimate SLKR and has been collecting crystals for refreshing the CAT tier

I decide to use KRU lead, SLKR hux sithTrooper ogKyloRen as a team
I googled and found nothing on Beating Cat with SLKR so I wonder if anyone here can give some tips

here are some stats
KRU R7 speed 218
SLKR R8 speed 545
hux R5 speed 267
sith trooper R5 speed 209
og Kylo Ren R7 speed 219

There may be some grammar mistakes
thanks for helping and may the force be with you


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    you probably need more speed
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    I agree, more speed, especially on Hux. You’ll want him minimum of 300, 320 is much better.

    Also, I recommend not using the “lash out” special from Kylo Ren, it will decrease SLKR’s H/P stats
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    Dwinkelm wrote: »
    I agree, more speed, especially on Hux. You’ll want him minimum of 300, 320 is much better.

    Also, I recommend not using the “lash out” special from Kylo Ren, it will decrease SLKR’s H/P stats

    thanks! any tips on increasing speed? I calebrated a couple of mods and managed to get hux to 273, still way less than 320 though
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    I’m going to be honest -

    After taking a quick peak at your mods, they’re pretty low caliber on the whole. You might not get Hux up to those speeds with your current collection, but I’ll still try to help best I can.

    The most immediate thing you can do is to look at some of your level-1 mods across your whole collection with 4 or 5 speed in the secondary and level them up to see if the speeds increase. You can then move them to Hux if you’re lucky and get some good upgrades. Level them up to 12, and if they don’t have 12 speed or more, stop leveling them… it’s too expensive, you can use credits to try with other mods.

    A lot of players consider Mods to be the #1 factor in performance. This is because you can move them around by unequipping and re-equipping as necessary for hard events, shifts in the meta, developing better teams, etc. Your best mods will always remain your best mods, but your best characters will always be changing.

    Leveling up mods is an expensive use of resources, so you want to be EXTRA picky when doing so.

    I’d recommend doing a deep-dive into mod upgrading best-practices. Check out some YouTube videos. Both “Calvin Awesome” and “Phat Phil” have some solid upgrading guides, amongst others.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  • Dwinkelm
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    Also, it’s been a while since I did the event, but SLKR is almost certainly going to be a better lead than KRU.

    SLKR will give very strong offensive boosts under his leadership.

    KRU’s lead grants TM, and SLKR’s unique lowers max H/P whenever FO gain TM. This is likely weakening your team more than you realize.

    Try using FOO instead of Kylo Ren. He can grant 100% TM to SLKR, which *does* weaken him, but gives him WAY more turns and he can cycle through his specials quicker.

    If you can, try and get Hux to be just one speed faster than FOO, and continually pass the turn to SLKR. Use SLKR to “poke-poke-swipe” to increase his mastery (and offensive stats) as much as possible. This is, in general, the most effective way to use this team.
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