Returning Player Seeking Direction

Hi, I am a returning player (played from launch through 2019 - Sith Raid). After a 4+ year hiatus a lot has changed. Seeking suggestions on where to focus my attention. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I am focusing a getting jabba the hutt since he's supposed to be a really good gl
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    Though if you've been gone awhile you should focus on building up your fleet a little since a lot of good stuff you needed ships for
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    Build up a good fleet, see if you can go for a galactic legend character, watch a few YouTube vids to see what you might want to work towards.
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    I came back after a similar break (2017-22) first thing is that fleet farming has never caught up to character/gear farming speed. When I returned here w/o starting over, I came to find that I was years behind others in my Fleet Arena grouping.

    Since I ended up getting a cheap hyperdrive & we have lightspeed bundles, I’d look into possibly just starting fresh since a high ranking in fleet arena is still a great way to get resources early.

    If you’re FTP or had your Falcon/some fleets farmed up already then just be sure to focus on general fleet catchup and you’ll be good.

    Oh, and conquest characters and these newer lifter toons for older squads like Capt. Rex for Phoenix + Zorii for Finn Resistance are tons of fun. Youtube has tons of good content for this game now too
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