Queen Amidala Questions And Answers

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"All Galactic Republic allies gain 3 stacks of Heal Over Time and Protection Over Time for 2 turns." Does this mean 3 HoT and 3 PoT, or 3 HoT and 1 PoT?
It means the first interpretation, 3 HOTS and 3 Pots.
Is this text correct - she grants an enemy advantage? Galactic Republic allies recover 10% Health and Protection. Grant Advantage for 1 turn to a random enemy who doesn't already have it, which can't be evaded or resisted.
Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. There is something in her kit that would benefit off an enemy having Advantage ;).
Why was there never a Darth Bane Q&A?
Scheduling conflict, you should see Q/As coming back more regularly for new units now - Meathead
Can Special 2 return a bodyguard if the first one is defeated? Or is the bodyguard a one-time deal?
The decoy can be resummoned as long as the ally slot is empty and her special02 is off cooldown.
Can the decoy be called to assist?
Absolutely! The Decoy currently does not take turns, but you can use her Basic ability by calling the Decoy to assist.
If Queen Amidala is defeated before the bodyguard, but other allies are still present, does the Bodyguard still keep her taunt up?
Yup! She sure does :D, she taunts until she is defeated
Will Master QGJ and Padawan Kenobi have specific synergy with QA and/or QA's mechanics so that they don't get stolen by another GR/Jedi team?
We will see ;)
What color deck might you find Queen Amidala in? (MTG Question)
White/Blue and maybe Green
Does the deocy scale off of Queen Amidala's stats, like the other summons?
Of course 😀
N1-Starfighter when?
I will champion this request, the ship had such a cool design - Meathead
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