IMPORTANT: New and Improved Galaxy of Heroes Forums Coming This Summer!

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Hello there Holotable Heroes,

We have an important announcement to share regarding the future of the SWGOH Forums. We are excited to announce (along with select other EA games) we’ll be upgrading to a new forum site called EA forums, which will be going live this summer. Over the past 9 years we’ve been lucky enough to share this forum destination with you as a place to discuss SWGOH, share your screenshots, feedback, guides, and strategies, and most importantly, as a place to make friends in one of the many guilds that have recruited here. However, these forums are showing their age, and no longer represent the quality of community experience we wish to share with you. Once the transition to the new EA forums is complete and we have migrated posts and comments, we’ll be closing this site.

We hope that this move provides you with a more seamless and engaging environment to connect, share, and collaborate with fellow players, and the EA & SWGOH Community teams. We are merging our announcements, discussion, and support into one unified site that is a searchable 1 stop shop for all things Galaxy of Heroes.

While we are excited about a new and updated forum, we know this is a big transition and we are here to guide you through this process. We’ll share more details about the new forums experience over the coming weeks and months, however the first step is to ensure accounts are properly set up to prepare to migrate the vast amount of post history.

To ensure your account is properly migrated (along with your post history), you’ll need to do the following:
  1. Make sure you have an EA Account with an email address that matches your current forum email.
  2. Additionally, you’ll need to log into EA’s Answers HQ website at least once.

IMPORTANT: This needs to be completed by the end of day Friday, April 5th for the migration to be successful.

We recognize that a significant portion of the SWGOH community uses RSS feeds to stay up to date. We’re optimistic that the plans for redirecting these feeds will work properly, but recognize that some reconfiguration may be required.

I speak for the team when I say that we all look forward to continuing our relationship together on our new site later this summer.

Please read on below about the timing and next steps to take when posting to the forums.


What’s Happening Next

The SWGOH forums will remain open to you until this summer when the EA forums launches.

Please make note of the following dates and instructions from now until we’re live on the new site:
  • You need to make sure you have an EA Account with an email address that matches your current forum email and log in to AHQ at least once by end of day Friday April 5th
  • We’ll begin to export content posted prior to April 5, 2024. We will make every effort to ensure that data will transfer over.
  • Any content posted on the SWGOH forums on and after April 5, 2024 will NOT be migrated over to the new EA forums.
  • If you’ve posted on the SWGOH forums and you want to ensure your content is available on the new EA forums site, please follow the steps below.
  • If you have an AHQ account, you will be able to use it on EA forums when the new site goes live.
  • All badges and ranks from the SWGOH forums will not be ported over to the new forum site. Participants with an AHQ account will continue to retain AHQ stats. We will however be looking to implement ways to highlight your contributions from the SWGOH forums.
  • Following the transition, the SWGOH forums will be permanently closed and will no longer be accessible. Anyone trying to access the SWGOH forums using the original URL will be redirected to the SWGOH section on the new EA forums site.

The Migration of Threads from the SWGOH forums to the New EA forums

To preserve the legacy of the SWGOH forums, we will be automatically migrating threads that feature activity and were created prior to April 5, 2024
  • We’ll only migrate posts with an identifiable author, which means we are able to match your SWGOH Forums account with your Answers HQ account. Your Answers HQ account will be the same account used for the new EA forums. More information on this below.
  • If we cannot identify the author of a discussion, then the threaded replies will not be migrated. Likewise if a post is quoted and we cannot identify the author of the original post, then the quoted discussion and its replies will not be migrated.
  • If you linked something via URL, that URL will be migrated over.
  • Any content that’s important to you can be manually copied and pasted to the AHQ SWGOH section.
  • If you do not wish to have your content migrated to the new EA forums, or for any questions or concerns related to forum privacy, please see our privacy policy here.

How to Ensure Your Content from the SWGOH forums Will Be Migrated Over
  1. Please check the email address(s) associated with your SWGOH forums account. Is this the same email address on your EA account?
    • If no, please proceed to step 2
    • If yes, please jump ahead to step 3
  2. If the email on your SWGOH forums account does not match the email on your EA account OR if you do not have an EA account, please modify the email addresses to ensure they are matching on both accounts OR please create an EA account with a matching email address.
  3. Please ensure you have an account on Answers HQ. You can do so by signing in or registering on Answers HQ with your EA account. Your account on Answers HQ will be carried over to the new EA forums site.
  4. Once this is complete and you’ve ensured your the SWGOH forums and EA accounts have matching email addresses AND that you’ve signed into Answers HQ with your EA account, then your SWGOH forums content will be migrated over onto the new forums site whenever it goes live and the content will be associated with your forums account.

Please complete these steps by end of day April 5 to ensure your forum content is migrated.
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