Gungan Boomadier Q/A

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Special 1 looks like an AoE (judging by the GIF), but is only described as a single target attack. Are the other ones just duds?

The others are just duds. The ability is intended to be single target.
Will all the new Marquee events return, with rewards, before the raid?

The materials and shards you earn participating in the new style of Marquee events will only ever be in the first runs of Marquee events as a reward for players who put in the extra initial effort to power up the brand new character. Reruns of these events will give you the shards needed to unlock the character if you missed it the first time around.
Clarification on: "While an allied Shield Generator is active: Enemies defeated by Gungan Attackers can't be revived" , does this function like when LV is in ult? If unit dies while condition is met, they cannot revive OR is it they cannot be revived while the condition is met, but can after? As in, when the shield goes down they can be revived or is it like lv ult and prevents it.

If a unit is defeated by a Gungan Attacker AND the Shield Generator is active, then they can’t revive.
Unique having stacking offense that persists through defeat. Does this mean we should expect a revive is on the way?

This is meant to catch anything that might give them a revive like the Dathomir Global Modifier, which revives everyone after 10 turns have been taken, as an example.
"to account for needing all Gungans Relic 5", does this also mean the previous tiers will also need the Gungans at the same requirement as the Gungan Boomadier, such as having to have Boss Nass at 7 stars, when we need Boomadier at 7 stars?

Only the last tier requires all other gungans at Relic 5. Tiers 6 and below only require 2 other Gungans.
In the kit reveal it talks about the marquee event attempts now resetting at 11am pdt instead of midnight pdt. This time change is taking away one attempt from everyone for the event. Is CG going to extend the event now by 1 day to make up for that lost attempt?

It was only ever intended to by a 7 day/7 attempt event. Fact of the matter is that the 8th day wasn’t even half a day in length, so many timezones risked missing out due to their schedules.
Who do you recommend we use Gungan Boomadier with?

Gungan Boomadier works best with the Gungan squad
What color deck would the boomadier be?

I”m assuming we’re talking about Magic here, and not Star Wars: Unlimited:

Boomadier would probably work best in a Boros (Red/White) deck. Turn Meter Swap & Frenzy on Special02 is very reminiscent of cards like Seize the Day, while the conditional damage amplification on the Basic and Special01 from debuffs applied by Captain Tarpals and Boss Nass fits the overall theme of “Unity” in the color of White.

If we’re talking Star Wars Unlimited, I’m assuming Red? I am admittedly less familiar with that game.
Does he fit in a grievous or Trench lineup?
He does not. Boomadier, like all Gungans, loses a lot of value outside of a Gungan team

Is it better to mod Boomadier for health since the unique converts it into protection at the start?

While I think that’s a valid strategy, my personal opinion is that the Shield Generator’s 500% Defense & Crit Immunity means that most of Boomadier’s defensive needs are pretty well covered.
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