[Suggested QoL Feature] - Unequip Mods from Management Screen

Hi, first post because I wanted to make a quick suggestion for the team to consider.

Any time I'm doing mod management, I always see a handful of old mods that I just don't want anymore. I don't always want to replace them right away, but I know I want to get rid of them. The problem is, you can't sell an equipped mod of course, so to sell each of these mods I would need to go to every one of those characters, one by one, and unequip the mods I want to sell before going back to mod management and mass selling them.

What I'm suggesting is that we add an 'Unequip' button to the mod details page (or somewhere on mod management) so that a player can unequip a mod that want to sell without having to be rerouted to their Collection, the character in question, and back before being able to sell it.

Just a small QoL update that's come up a few times recently, so I wanted to share. Thank you for reading!
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