Alternate Costumes

I don’t know what the viability of this suggestion is, but I would love it if we were able to purchase alternate skins for our characters. Like, for example, I doubt that Omega from The Bad Batch: Season Two will be added as a new character. But I love her S2 look and would love to have that in the game. The potential here is endless. Starkiller is the king of alternate costumes, and there can even be subtle variations like Mace Windu with clone gauntlets on.

The game already sorta has this feature. Clash on Kamino has Phase I gear for the clones; a past Conquest had Ventress in bounty hunter gear (though I would rather that be a new character), even some ships have alternate looks. Anakin’s ETA-2 fighter was reskinned as a Delta-7 for the General Skywalker event.

I would really love the ability to purchase and use costumes.
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