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Current guild doesn’t fill up anywhere close to full when it comes to TW, TB, and Raids. Feel like I’m missing out on a lot of rewards. About me..
Kyber 4, Squad arena typically top 20
7.6 mil GP very character heavy
GL Kenobi, Kylo, Luke unlocked and maxed
30 shards away from Rey. With Ben solo relic’d.
Most conquest units unlocked except for Bane unfortunately.
Finishing up executor requirements.

My buddy has Kylo and Rey, he just finished Jabbas requirements and has inquisitors maxed. No Reva as our guild gets no where close.



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    Hey i will have 2 spots for you two if you’re interested!
    Execute Order 141
    We are a UK/USA 376.GP based guild still looking for 2 spots to fill, Must have at least 6+GP. We as a collective base are a fun and knowledgeable group that are TB focused, Look by now everyone in this gaming world should know what it takes to succeed, either money or your doing this in a F2P way. So… TB, Discord and collecting Raid Tickets is MANDATORY And we will NOT be sending reminders to play. But TW is play at will ( But Preferred )and if you sign up you play. We don’t ask for guild farming, in return we ask for FULL participation in guild events in every phase. What we offer….

    DSHoth - Max LSHoth - Max
    DSGeo - 26* LSGeo - 11*
    Rote - 22*

    We are Focused on The Speeder bike raid for now as well as Rote but may sprinkle in some Geo events from time to time. In you are interested! Please either DM me or you can join our discord server and have a chat with myself ( Rathius ) or our other Officers/Leader. Below is 2 links:

    First is our Guild on swgoh.gg so you can look at our numbers.


    Second is our discord server link.


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    Hey there my guild has some openings if you are still looking


    Here's out discord
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    Started a guild named LegoStarWars Fans
    Only space one space in the name before fans. Need some members! I have some strong characters and you can use them as an ally
    My ally code is 573-869-649
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    NF2G is looking to fill some spots. You two would fit in great! https://swgoh.gg/g/fmsHhthkRCWdHGwadLwgjQ/
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    Chaos420priests has some spots open
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