The hard nodes in the new stages are quite. Well disappointing to say the least.

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Decent job in cantina although RG is one of the first characters you get and has been in battles forever. Anakin has 3 hard nodes already so he's a fairly simple farm to say the least. Hard nodes extremely disappointing, hoping FOTP is the blank one make him a bit easier to farm since it's looking quite sided towards first order characters. Placing a chromium exclusive in that blank spot would be an utter mistake. One node will get you absolutely no where and will make everyone angry it's basically like teasing us and influencing us to buy more packs. Add FOTP or someone with 2 hard nodes already to ease the grind. Can't say I'm happy about these changes. Especially adding tusken Raider to cantina node when he is already at the easiest farm spot? Give us a change in scenery all those cantina guys are already farmable.
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