Update 5/8/2024

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Here are the notes for today’s update

  • GENERAL - Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances GL Leia could gain Second Wind more than once.
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Maul's Unique ability description in the Jar Jar event was incorrect
  • GENERAL - Corrected an issue in which the Health and Protection overhead display and ability icons did not appear for the Krayt Dragon on the Mandalore Bonus Zone gating mission
  • GENERAL - Updated Upgrade tier for Jar Jar Binks' unique to be consistent with the ability description
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Jar Jar's Special 2 would allow Offense and Speed Down to stack with the undispellable versions
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where sometimes the blue box in Conquest would attack (WHATS IN THE BOX)
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Leviathan would sometimes not stun an enemy when reinforcing an allied ship
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