Offense AND Defense

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Hey CG, can you do more than one thing at a time? You've been dumping offensive weapons on us to the point defenses just don't stand in GAC and it's becoming an efficiency battle. GAC is getting to be lame because you only seem to do anything (even your rubbish datacrons) with no balance, it's either offense or defense. Lately, you're rewarding players for going wuss on defense to play for high score.

If it's not in your current 3-5 year plan, at least tell us maybe? Even if GAC and TW are still low priority because you have so many new datacrons to design for us and bugs to put on a list you don't fix for months?

It makes me think of a clip from Any Given Sunday where LT saws Jamie Foxx's car in half because there's offense AND defense. (Can't post it here since it's not G-rated) Pay us some respect maybe?
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