Love when GAC freezes

It's happened to streamers and I assume others. CG. Fix your dumb game. In back to back matches this GAC, my game has frozen. It didn't matter in the end, but this crap has to be ruining people's matchups. Good gawd. cw1gqu5s88dl.jpg


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    And no it's not internet or connection issues. Cause I just finished a battle where nothing happened, but then jump into the next fight and this happens.
  • Wed_Santa
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    I’m disappointed in this thread - from the title I thought it was a commendable suggestion for how to make the most of your spare time when the game crashes.

    (I was even imagining an Aerosmith soundtrack to go with it)
  • Magruffin
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    "Living it up while the games going down"
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    This is getting worse too
  • JWPackman
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    I'm having the exact same problem. Game freezes either during the load screen, or (usually) within the first few seconds. Not stuck or laggy, just frozen. It's validating to know I'm not the only one, hopefully that means they will eventually get around to fixing it.

    There are bug reports on the Ea support website describing the same problem, don't know how much it helps but I at least clicked "Me Too" on the user submitted bug reports.

    Seems to be happening primarily to Galaxy S23 phones on Android 14. So far no setting adjustment I can think of has fixed the problem.

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