TW matchmaking difference

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I dont understand how this is even possible to get score something like this..
I know that my guild is not competitive in tw and we win only here and there but when we win something, it is sure that game throw us against some very tw-focused guild like this..
I always thought that new matchmaking gives you more challenging opponent when you win and opposite.
That is clearly not case in this matchmaking what i see.
You cant have 25 straight wins if matchmaking works correctly.. or maybe there are one criteria is spending money to get easier opponents?
Our last few month tw score something like 4win/9loss so why we are facing 25wins/0losses guild?


  • Hortus
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    Well, both of guilds in which I played for a long time had win streaks like this (not sure about 25 but sure about 20), and both weren't "tw-focused" by any means, so it's definitely possible even with semi-casual playstyle. And, afaik, the theory about giving more challenging opponents after long win streak is just speculation (if developers ever supported this claim I'd like to see the link).
  • Banditgt
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    The guild were matched up against has won 60 straight
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