Update 5/22/2024

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Here are the notes for today’s update

  • Master Qui-Gon Event! {Hotfix coming to adjust go live time}
  • Padawan Obi Wan Reheat for those who didn’t get him the first time
  • Gungan Boomadier is now farmable on Light Side 6-A Hard, they replace Juhani, who will be available now in Galactic War Shipments

  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where the Jar Jar's locked ability text was incorrect
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Fulcrum wasn't able to target the Shield Generator
  • GENERAL - Fixed a bug where the Cornered Modifier would allow a Rebel to assist multiple times
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where Savage wasn't dispelling Ferocity
  • GENERAL - Corrected an issue where the Eleventh Hour modifier for the Mandalore Bonus Zone didn't specify that it excluded defeated summoned allies
  • GENERAL - Fixed a bug where the random damage on Jar Jar's Wesa Warriors would not apply.
  • GENERAL - Fixed a bug where Rey's ultimate would not deal damage to the Rancor Door Panel.
  • GENERAL - BAM swapped out for Greef Karga in the Territory Battle Kashyyyk platoons
  • DATACRON - Fixed an issue with the Gungan faction modifier where at level 6 it can cause multiple counter-attacks
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