Kit Concept: Rogue Shadow (From 'The Force Unleashed')

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The Rogue Shadow was the unique starship that Darth Vader's apprentice Starkiller and his personal training droid PROXY used to travel covertly throughout the galaxy. Built in total secrecy, all of the personnel and droids involved in its construction perished in industrial accidents or street crimes to ensure their silence. Built primarily for stealth and infiltration purposes, the Rogue Shadow incorporated state-of-the-art cloaking technology and a highly advanced hyperdrive engine in its design, thus allowing the apprentice to travel anywhere throughout the galaxy without risking detection.


Unit Name: Rogue Shadow

Crew: Starkiller

Affiliation: Dark Side

Class: Attacker

Factions: Empire

Attacks and Abilities

Basic: Vanishing Strike
Rogue Shadow gains Stealth for 2 turns if it didn’t already have it. Then deal Physical damage to target enemy. If Rogue Shadow has Stealth, this attack has +30% Critical Damage.

Target Lock: Reduce Rogue Shadow’s cooldowns by 1.

Special 1: Sublight Drivers (Cooldown: 4)
Deal Physical damage to all enemies and inflict Offense Down for 2 turns, which can’t be dispelled. Then deal Physical damage to the weakest enemy. If that enemy was Target Locked, dispel it from them and the weakest other ally gains Stealth for 2 turns. Otherwise inflict Target Lock on them for 2 turns.

Special 2: Dark Apprentice (Cooldown: 8)
Instantly defeat target enemy. Dispel all debuffs from all Empire or Sith allies and recover 100% of their Protection. If TIE Advanced x1 is present, it gains 100% Turn Meter. Enemies defeated by this ability can’t be revived. This ability starts on cooldown.

Unique 1: Warped Perceptions (Crew)
Rogue Shadow has +30% Critical Avoidance while it doesn’t have Stealth and +30% Critical Chance while it’s Stealthed. Other Empire or Sith allies gain half these bonuses.

Rogue Shadow’s attacks can’t be evaded. Whenever an ally reinforces, Rogue Shadow grants them Stealth for 3 turns. Whenever Rogue Shadow critically hits an enemy, if all allies are Empire or Sith, the enemy capital ship loses 5% turn meter, which can’t be evaded or resisted.

Reinforcement: Classified Construction
Enter Battle: Rogue Shadow gains Stealth for 3 turns. Rogue Shadow has +30% Health Steal. If TIE Advanced x1 is present, it also has +30% Health Steal.


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    True question is, would you do starkiller as the crew or add proxy and Juno first. Since Juno was the main pilot. Or have the 2 above mentioned but add the jedi version.

    Proxy would be dope to add. Maybe a neutral since he can form change to any character really.
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