Hey I do not know how to share the code to show characters but my ally code is 212-471-852.

I am currently using an all rebel team because I originally felt like Hera's ability was useful to connect all of phoenix squads unique. I am however getting my butt kicked and don't know why. So I started looking into good team's to use. I found some websites that say to use Jedi Knight Revan along with Bastila Shan, Jolee Bindo, Mission Vao, and Zaalbar. I am wondering if anyone can help with some recommendations on where to go with my team comp and if that is a good team comp from the website.

Thank you for taking the time to read (if you do) and if any help as well.


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    There are some good beginners guides to SWGOH on YouTube and reddit.
    Captain Rex will help boost your Phoenix, but they do drop off pretty quick.
    The "old" path was Phoenix, in Emperor Palps, and get 3 other jedi to then get Grand Master Yoda, then farm 4 other empire to get R2. Then farm Stormtrooper Han, Princess Leia, and Old Ben for Commander Luke. Then farm geos for Padme and work on Revan. Also sprinkle in Bounty hunters for Chewie.

    There is a lot of options now for starting out. You can look in arena to see what people around you are working on, that can also give you some ideas. (The top of arena is probably full of people who bought GL bundles.)
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    I will have to look into the guides! Thank you for taking the time!
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    MunchA wrote: »
    I will have to look into the guides! Thank you for taking the time!

    I have been having success with imperial troopers
    Iden Versio lead, and then any other non leader non droid troopers as much of her kit does not function with them
    Iden, Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper, Range Trooper, and Colonel Starck for me
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    In, Wookiee news or in some youtube channels you can find useful information, personally I really like AhnaldT101's videos on youtube, his last video is a ranking of the best 5 vs 5 teams and I remember that the first video I saw of him was one with the best teams to start the game, but he has other good guides that he updates, hopefully it will help you, to me it has been very helpful to improve 🙌🏻
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