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I'm fairly new to SWGOH. Pay only $40-$60 per month on it. I started playing after I left GOW-Fire Age. I love this game though. I definitely need the help and camaraderie of a guild. I'm not sure how to level my characters and who to use, but am definitely interested in picking some brains and helping any way I can. I'm active and am in EST. Please let me know what i need to do to join a guild. I'm already on line app. I'm rjgator. I'll provide a screenshot of the characters I have . Hit me up please. Thanks!


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    Stroking Our Wookie is recruiting players for the upcoming guild release. We are currently at 17/50 looking to hit max by opening day. With a minimum goal of being a top 100 guild. Competitive enough to get good rewards but not overbearing.

    Players very in experience from new to mid 70s. Gems are not required but appreciated. All we want is daily players who will chat with us in GroupMe.

    Come stroke wookies with us today.

    You're invited to my new group 'Stroking Our Wookie' on GroupMe.


    Also check out our not guild specific general GroupMe chat.

  • My guild would love for you to join, ally code: 771 529 752
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