Advice for new level 28/Cantina table

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So, Ive been playing seriously for the past few days and enjoying myself. The Cantina table just opened and I notice that the starting enemies are level 28. Even though I'm player level 28, my roster of 5 Rebels are all about level 20ish and the Cantina table is just to hard for them.

My Empire team is only about level 17 average and doesn't really have a good makeup.

Looking for advice on where I should use my training droids and what I should focus on, or try to level up all characters evenly. I feel like I'll be missing the Cantina table until I get a group AT LEAST up to level 28. Advice?


  • concentrate on leveling and gearing just 5. For GW you do need some viable subs, but if you can't field a decent starting 5 that won't matter. Sounds like you're currently working on 10 characters. Just do 5 first.
  • ok here are the characters I have. which 5 should i focus on?

    20 Clone Wars Chewy
    20 Jedi Consular
    20 Resistance trooper
    19 Jawa
    19 Poe Dameron
    18 Talia
    17 First order Stormtrooper
    17 Royal Guard
    17 Snowtrooper
    1 Jedi Guard
    1 Clone Serg - Ph 1
    1 Ewok Scout.

  • FO Stormtroop is pretty good. I switch between him and FO Tie Fighter. I focused on gear oppose to completing mission. The extra gear level really helped. Once I was able to start leveling the mission were easy.

  • For GW, you have to have healers. Consular for sure and Luminari when you get enough points to purchase her. You need Talia anyways, so work on her. Darth Sidious from arena.
  • Dump all energy on chewie he is the only one worth It until u replace him. At level 44 Jedi consular drops there so then u dump all energy in there. As shipment in there Myself going for nightladies team maybe not the best but i like It. As of standard people seem to like fives or daka and bobba. Also im f2p so not all heroes are farmable that Easy. The Mats are all the same in the cantina just diffrent shards
  • And yes. Dont rush levels and missions focus on gearing up all ur heroes as far as u can and unlock missions as u need new Mats for It. so focus star>Gear>level>mission id recomend for you with that pool. Focus on poe,trooper,Jedi,talia,jawa. Or swap chewie for poe but they work Pretty Good Together. Poe increase troopers dmg and Poe and trooper can debuff that Will buff jawa basic attack and Jedi talia as ur healers. In cantina and arena again this is what i would do and u can choose your own Path Young one.
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