Enemy AI teams

In arena enemy teams definitely have a speed boost. Just fought a team in which the enemy Dooku, Sid, Luminara, Phasma and then Maul all attacked before one of my team had chance to move. My own Dooku, Sid, Luminara Phasma and JC just stood motionless and Luminara was dead at the end of the first round. Not to mention every move they made proceed the Phasma leader skill, while my team didn't proc once. Same level, I had higher power level thus higher gear level. Got my **** handed to me. Surely some of my toons should have got a turn in first?


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    There's definitely some crazy stuff being pulled by the AI. About the only thing that really annoys me is when the AI uses a special back to back with no one present to reset timer.

    Agree with you on speed boost. Fielded a mirror team in GW, I had mostly epic gear, AI had no epic gear, and were lower level. The entire enemy team went before I got to attack and Dooku actually attacked twice, double hit both times putting my Lumi, epic gear, in the red. A challenge is one thing, shenanigans is quite another.
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    I reported the same change. No way my characters act before their mirror opponent. This since a few days till now. I used to win most of galactic wars or at least to reach final battle with top team half dead. Now I am having real problems passing nr 10 and get at least the 200 shards more to make 800 a day. I thought it was because of my level approaching to 60 but as I read here it could be not like that
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    EA I been saying this in so many posts I started. When are you going to look into this and the fix the AI in Arena and GW???

    You know you guys can reply to a post sometime letting us now it's something your looking into at least? Oops was I negative... Will the post get taken down now... Seriously thou you should reply to this topic there are so many threads and reports that this is a wide scale problem!
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