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I would like to thank EA/CG for addressing and fixing the huge gap between characters. Before this last update if you had any 5 op characters for were a #1 arena player, it was droid then speed then dooku. With this update it made armor matter, it made defense matter, added protection to save characters from 1 hits. Most of all it balanced the dps between characters. Balance is what this game needed! I feel like your going to see more people start on synergy teams and less on getting those op characters, which is a good thing, rise of the FO B) . So try for your night sister team or your ewoks. I'm personally tried of seeing the top 20 with the same 5 guys. So all the haters lighten up just because your dooku teams and QGJ teams are slipping in arena doesn't mean this update wasn't needed. Get out there try that favorite character that didn't fit into the current "meta" because now is the time.
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  • Agreed the long awaited down fall of Dooku is finally here just like in episode 3
  • I like it so far. I think it is just going to take some getting used to. Players want what the are already comfortable with.
  • I still feel like the rng with dookus leader ability is higher than it says, it's hooting more that fire at will for me
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