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Currently at number 2 on my shard, with a team of 5* Ben, 7* Qgj, 7*Fists, 5* Lum, and 5*JC.

Been having a nightmare of a time dealing with this anti jedi* team of:

At level 46 (average gear 5), and the guy at 42, I could only brute force past him once. Heck, his Maul went before my jedis on one occasion. And when I switch to an exact copy of his team with higher stats, he always goes first and knocks out one of my team members.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated on how to counter this?
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  • How do you get QGJ to 7*? Mine is only at 2*
  • Hmm, too many bad decisions :x
  • Well the obvious reason is anti Jedi and that's exactly what you're using to fight it.
  • I know...just wondering if anyone can offer a good team I can construct to cripple it? I have unlocked most of the other characters.
  • I'd love a 7* QGJ.

    As to beating that combo I'd go with Sid, Lumi, JC, Ben, and maybe a Dooku or other non Jedi counter hero.

    Sid, Lumi, JC, Dooku and fives would probably work also. Then you only have two Jedi to protect.

    Kill order / priority:

    Ben > Sid > Maul > Kylo > Dooku

    The overall goal is to simply survive the first round of specials, then fight each enemy with a bit of strategy.

    Ben - try to stun him first with your early Dooku attack, it it works, burn him down then cast your mind tricks on the enemy team to delay their specials a bit.

    Sid - let the enemy Sid cast his AOE and then focus him after Dooku weakens him. You could also drop your Ben in favor of another non Jedi burst/counter (fives) he isn't much to worry about unless you leave him up too long and he blocks all of your heals.

    Maul - he is squishy but will wreck your Jedi heroes so burn him as soon as you can, potentially moving him ahead of the enemy Sid (especially if your mind tricks stuck)

    Kylo - watch for his counter buff and avoid him during that time. He is slow enough that he won't do much unless you attack him. Burn him once you have specials ready to kill him in one round. You don't want him attacking while under 50% health.

    Dooku - he will be annoying but he doesn't hit that hard and with the two healer set up you should have a non stunned healer in most cases. One round will burn him usually just make sure you have enough health on the attacking hero to survive a double attack with crit. Be at least 60% health for most heroes or ensure you have a heal available immediately.

    For your heals, use Luminara first so you get her heal over time out, then after the enemy is done with specials, rejuvenate with the JC heal.

    Heal earlier rather than later and with a bit of RNG luck you should be able to win.

    That's how I would go at least.
  • Thanks for the advice!

    I managed to consistently beat the guy by out leveling and gearing him right now. Hopefully this will give me some briefing space to build a strong counter team.
  • Yeah for counters I'm working on fives to replace my Dooku as he is farmable. Most f the counter heavy teams just aren't farmable though.
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    True. My imagination Gunn is 4*, reason why I didn't go full counter.
    Now trying to see what I can do with a 7* tarkin.
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