Single roll bugs

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So I have noticed a few times there is only one rng roll to proc certain multi abilities.

To give an example, when multi attacking a hero with counter, the hero will always only counter attack all or non of the attackers.

Multi attackers seem to het this as well when they proc abilities off the first attack or crit (making multi attackers unnecessarily OP atm).

This also seems to affect multi attackers such as Leia as if she lands the first attack she more often than not continues (and jave even seennher hit 4 times in a single attack).

If this were fixed many very strong heroes in the game may not need to be nerfed once they become more common and players stat screaming OP, such as Leia and FOTP, and Kylo.

Would be helpful for others to post their observations demonstrating or contradicting these observations.
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  • Keaven
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    I noticed today for the first time a single counter attack after a multi attack on Kit with Ima-Gun leader ability counter.

    This debunks my observation they seem to go off the same roll.

    Still happens far too often though as it has been many many times I've seen it proc for every hit.
    Profile: Keaven
    Guild: Fear The Boot
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