Agility Challenge (Tier IV - Post Patch)

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I use a stun lock strategy on the Savage Opress

Team Comp
  • Captain Phasma (5 star + level 52 + 1/6 Gear VII) Leader, but assist ability level 6
  • Talia (4 star + level 63 + 1/6 Gear VIII) also this toon abilities all < level 4
  • Jedi Consular (6 star + Level 72 + 4/6 Gear VIII)
  • Asajj Ventress (6 star + Level 68 + 3/6 Gear VIII)
  • Old Daka (5 star + Level 71 + 5/6 Gear VIII)

General Tips
1. Use Old Daka to try and stun lock "unstunned" enemy with highest energy bar
2. Make sure Captain Phasma Victory March is available in Round 3

Round 1
1. Single target down Nightsisters that are not stunned

Round 2
1. Nightsisters > Droids
2. Single Target
3. Save all big hitting abilities

Round 3 - Droids >> Savage Opress
1. Almost all damage on Savage Opress comes when he has debuffs. Captain Phasma, Talia, Asajj Ventress and Old Daka all have abilites which debuff Savage Opress.
2. Use Captain Phasma "Victory March" ability FIRST to buff team with Advantage right away. This is so you can kill droids faster
3. Single target one droid unless a stun hits, then switch to other droid.
4. If both droids are stunned - you are lucky. Focus down droids with hard hitting abilities
5. Use Captain Phasma "Fusillade" ability SECOND to AOE down droids and hopefully apply slow
6. Try to kill one droid before Savage Opress attacks
7. You have three healers. Make sure that every member of your team has green health bars whether by using a healer or by killing a droid.
8. After the both droids are dead, Savage Opress is a stun lock fight. Captain Phasma assist ability is crucial for landing additional hits from Old Daka and Asajj Ventress basic attacks to stun lock Captain Phasma.

Win - This general strategy has worked flawlessly for me 3 times in a row. For the most part, after the droids are dead, Savage Opress rarely gets more than 1 additional attack off


  • That sounds like a ton of work. I just put in Phasma 7* (L), Dooku 6*, Daka 6*, QJG 6*, JC 6* and hit AUTO them come back in 2 minutes and accept spoils.

    But seriously, good write up. Now if you figure out the INT challenge, I am all ears. I was getting slaughtered there (pre update lvl 72+ version). Can't wait till tomorrow :neutral:
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  • I tried your group comp, with my lvl 73 5* Dooku and 4* lvl 63 QGJ and was surprised to find out it worked on auto also - thanks!
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    For the Agi battle I use:
    (74)Phasma (L) 7* VIII
    (71)Daka 5* VIII
    (58)JC 5* VIII
    (71)Dooku 4* VIII
    (53)Talia 3* VII

    I ignore the droids and just try to stunlock Opress and keep a debuff on him. I save force lightning if he is already stunned. I normally fight the first 2 rounds using basic attack only. The first two rounds dont pose any threat. The *only* threat is the overpower move that take everyone to 1hp. Health lost any other way is inconsequential. I use fusillade before victory march because having Opress slowed is much more valuable. I stack all of the debuffs on at one time (Phasma, Stun, Talia) because they all last different turn lengths, but I dont want to miss an opportunity to attack him while not debuffed. Obviously heal immediately after he uses overpower. Often a Dooku counter will kill him after overpower if he is debuffed.

    Im only posting to show that f2p players with not much farming can win this pretty easily. I chose my team based on having 3 char that can heal, 2 that can stun and 4 that can debuff. Bonus is that Daka can bring someone back from the dead sometimes.

    Edit* I swapped (53)Ewok Elder 3* VII in for JC because it adds a faster attack with his turn meter gain and another way to bring someone back from the dead and it still keeps the same number of healers. This change only speeds up the battle. The first team is quite capable of winning every time.

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  • methoss1004
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    But seriously, good write up. Now if you figure out the INT challenge, I am all ears. I was getting slaughtered there (pre update lvl 72+ version). Can't wait till tomorrow :neutral:

    I use:
    (53)Clone Wars Chwebacca (L) 4* VI
    (71)Poe 4* VII
    (56)Fives 3* VII
    (69)RG 4* VII
    (53)Mace 5* VII

    I can almost auto play a win here. RG is just so strong for this. Force pike must be at least 6 to get 80% stun. I generally use special attacks in round 1 and then basic attacks in round two to reset them for round 3. Round 3 I target Mace only. RG usually slows and stun locks Mace to the point he rarely attacks (one attack in per 2-3 challenges). Poe and Chewie help a bit with reduction to Mace's turn meter. Poe and Mace sometimes speed up the battle when they get a random expose and Fives was my next hardest hitting tank. I used to use Teebo before Fives for his 'bring low' to reduce turn meter. Chewie as leader because he has the only leader ability that provides anything to the other toons. *Teebo has a better leader ability, so I will go back to using him next time I fight this.*

    But seriously get RG with force pike to lvl 6 and win with any other 4 toons. As you can see my team is mostly lvl 50 and 3-4* so not that hard to farm up. I was winning here consistently with RG 3* at lvl 58.
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    Just kill the Droids right away and agi is a joke.
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