Barriss leader and unique skills

I was wondering how Barriss' unique and leadership skills work.

The leader skill is pretty self explanatory I think until level 4 when it says it's healing folks at the beginning of their turns. Perhaps I'm just going blind in my old age but I don't think I see this happening. Totally willing to admit I'm just missing this if/when it procs...

As far as her unique skill though, I don't even understand how it's supposed to work. The description is pretty vague I think.


  • DanTom
    975 posts SWGOH Dev Team
    Her unique is sort of underwhelming at least IMO. It's two parts:

    1. She has a 25-40% chance f dispelling ONE negative effect from each ally per turn. This can cure dots and other effects basically.
    2. She gains 6-9% turn meter for EACH dispel that goes off. So if all allies had a negative effect removed, her turn meter goes up by 45

    This is of course based on the skill level. Overall, I'm not a huge fan as other heroes do this better. That said if you are already using her for other reasons, a free chance at a cleanse would be a nice bonus.
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