Sorry but this is really starting to bug me know. WHAT THE HELL happened in the update that caused mobs to hit so hard and also speed up!?!?

Nodes that I have previously 2 and 3 starred are now seemingly impossible. Fighting lower level toons with same geared armor and barely making it through 2nd round, usually failing at 3rd boss round.

As I have already said, what the hell did the new update do to these mobs? Some instances where it is particularly bad, two of my team get a go before my entire **** team is nuked by AoE. Before the update usually everyone in the team went before the enemy allowing at least some mobs to be killed before the mass AoE rubbish happened.

Has anyone else experienced this!?


  • I feel you bro.... I feel you. :(
    Well in my case i was lucky enough to get bored and 3* every battle before the game was partially destroyed by the update...

    But still, even the challenges are near to impossible now
  • Yeah squad cantina battles are also insanely hard. Trying to 3 star the Dooku node but it's near impossible, the Ventress just one hits anything it touches. On top of that her hp bar barely drains after a round of attacks from a full 7 star, gear 8, level 72 team...
  • daws901
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    I suggest they do one of two things:
    1. Decrease the difficulty to what it was before
    2. Keep the difficulty as it is, but massively buff the drop rate of equipment and materials to compensate.

    This game takes long enough to grind crap out, they have just **** everything over, pretty much on the verge of leaving this rubbish, not worth the time or hassle
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