How to spend $50???

I got $50 in Google play cards for Christmas. What's the best way to spend it? I'm currently level 54 and the only pack that's available to me is the $100 Force Awakens pack (so that's out). Should I just buy multiple 8 pack chromium cards or is there a smarter way to spend my money to level up?


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    Whats your hero pool lookin like? I am about to earn a $25 google play card from credit card rewards and am considering the same thing. I will most likely buy crystals and try to farm Cantina shards since they arent limited like regular LS/DS shards because I dont feel like playing chromium roulette and ending up with seven shards and one hero I dont really use.
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    I would recommend using it on energy to farm a specific character. Other wise packs are a crap shoot
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    I wouldn't spend it. Get the $4.99 crystal sub so you have crystals to unlock the cheaper energy refills. Save the rest for the future when a pack or other offer may happen that you like.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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    I have:
    6* Sidius
    5* Talia
    5* Poggle
    4* Jedi Consular
    4* IG-86
    4* Chewy
    4* Ahsoka

    I'm lacking a decent healer.

    Currently, I use crystals for one additional cantina run a day and one additional light/dark run a day. Doesn't the cantina price double each time you spend crystals in a day?
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    They both do, but I dont think its every day, I usually farm shards at midnight and then gear in the afternoon and if I buy regular energy once at both times it is still 50 crystals in the afternoon. There might be a 12 hour refresh kind of like buying shipments.
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    The only value purchase in this game is the 7 day crystal subscription. I'd spend it on another app game otherwise LOL. The drop rate for chromium cards are miserable. Use crystals for cantina and stamina refreshes.

    If you are looking for a healer I'd go Daka or Lum. Both farmable.
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    If you need a healer go for Luminara. You can farm shards on hard maps and also from the GW pretty quickly, and she pops up in the normal shipment sometimes.
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    You need more characters corn dog, I would roll the dice on some chromium packs. Just don't expect too much. Way I look at it, Chromiums are the best use of crystals in the game. Reason being you can get upgrades over time easily with one or two refills, but there is no source of character shards even close to the same cost/energy/time ratio as buying Chromiums. Problem of course if you have no control over who you are buying (duh). But still until you start getting shards for characters that are already 7*, go ahead and roll them dice. Look at it like Pokemons motto "gotta collect them all" lol.. Seriously though, you need a roster for Galaxy wars anyway.
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    I'd get a bundle. Chromium is basically gambling and you have a chance to get 1* characters
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    the most prudent way to approach this game is simple logic.

    1. Put together enough characters and level them up just enough to be able to complete galaxy wars daily. You need to be able to loot that last crate daily no matter what. If you find yourself running out of characters you need more plain and simple.

    2. Build an A team and get it as high on the arena ladder as you an every day. Wait until evening to do your five matches so your position doesn't get sniped at the last moment before rewards are doled out. Maybe even put together a turtle squad to help you maintain your rank.

    3. Until level 60 make sure to complete ALL daily activities every day, simply for the XP bonus.

    I don't really see the point of leveling up faster honestly. You may better in arena and in Galaxy wars but I'm not sure the extra rewards you'll reap will be worth the 200-600 shards spent on energy fill ups. To put into perspective, you're spending about a chromium card worth of crystals every day or day and a half. Assuming zero full unlocks, that's still about 60 character shards per week just to advance your roster slightly quicker.
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    xJazzx wrote: »
    I'd get a bundle. Chromium is basically gambling and you have a chance to get 1* characters

    Are character packs worth it? An 8x chromium will likely get him two full unlocks for $20 plus many shards. Food for thought. Stars wars pack is a solid $60 excluding the 5,700 crystals. He could easily get 5-6 full unlocks in chromiums for the price of Ren and Finn plus whatever else. I'm no math wiZz but starting to like Chromiums myself. Remember he has a super tiny roster
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