PSA - try to scroll down/over, even when its not obvious - it's almost never obvious.

I couldn't figure out why I was not able to upgrade some characters abilities... there was no level restriction message (i.e. Character Level Required: ##) but the button to upgrade was grayed out. Turns out there is another row of materials needed and I was short on them.

I don't know how many sundays I missed extra events and challenges not realizing if you scrolled right there was all five available on Sundays...

Dev's did a bad job making it clear when there is more info to see in the UI and this is persistent throughout the UI.


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    Agreed on the lack of scroll bars. I told some friends about it early and that made the difference between them continuing to play the game versus quitting. They just didn't know some of the extra information was available.
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    Yeah, some people havent figured it out yet, judging by all of the "whats with the red circle with a #", and "why cant i upgrade ability" posts. I guess it serves as a darwinnian curve for the playerbase.
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