Did they beef up Sidious!?

I just spent the entire fight trying to take him down.... Never had any trouble before, he'd always go down in round 1 (or round 2 if they have Lumi as lead, because of her insane dodge boost)

By the time I killed him off I had 2 barely breathing toons left....

My attacks barely scratched him and he'd heal nearly back to full health with each attack.

What happened!?

Why would they beef up two of the most overused toons and Nerf ones that only die-hard fans use!? Who's brilliant idea was it to do that!?


  • medetec
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    Nope, sid is still a squishlord with moderate damage and moderate passive healing. Were you facing a significantly higher level team?
  • Everyone's been significantly higher than me since almost forever, Lol. As soon as I reached 70 and caught up they raised the cap. =\

    But he's never been a problem for me. Except for this fight.

    Honestly I didn't check his lvl, I don't bother anymore. Couldn't have been higher than 73-74.
  • I observe the same as well. Whenever I fight opposing Sid with my Jedi, he can avoid most of my attacks.
    But when it comes to my Sid, relatively easy to kill. **** it.
  • Everyone in my team got soooo much weaker since the update, and I have a slow team.... So I expected to get stronger after the update.

    I'm thinking of removing the app. GW isn't fun anymore, takes so **** long....

    I'll never catch up to all these other ppl anyway, I don't have time to complete everything daily anymore, and honestly I have days where I just look at the game and go "ugh... Don't feel like it today".

    And when I DO feel like playing I get slammed with insanely bad RNG which instantly makes me want to stop playing again.

    I'm getting there....
  • medetec
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    Theoretically at 73 you might have faced someone with a precrafted Mk5 Furnace, that would give him a pretty significant power spike over lower level characters.
  • Killgire1981
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    I was wondering if they nerfed him, actually. I run 4 Jedi on my team, and dreaded coming up against him before (which was always), due to his high dodge. Now I seem to land everything in him.
  • Sidious is squishy and doesn't do much damage. His value is between levels 20 and 60. After that he is outclassed by many other heroes.

    He also received a rather sizeable nerf in the last update.
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  • Simda
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    I am not surprised if sidious was killed since everyone has him, let's move on to other characters and spend more money....I have him and do welcome diversity.
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