Do you finish GW everyday since the update?



  • Yes and No (finished some but some days I didn't)
    Yes and no. I could finish every day but I've lost the desire to play as much. GW especially seems like much of a slog with protection extending the fight times. My dudes always run out of protection by the third or fourth match too but I still have to burn through the enemy's protection.
  • Yes
  • i did all after update but its time taken too much. we are playing mobile game not a desktop game man. if we have a lot time than we could heavy game in desktop. pls dont do harder it. we already playing every stage with many disadvantage like ability cooldowns low health etc. devs must change protection or refresh in every stage.
  • Yes and No (finished some but some days I didn't)
    I can finish. Just don't have the time too
  • brett94
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    7* lumi, JC, IG86,GS and a 5* talia its difficult sometimes against dooku and sid but i complete it daily
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