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Looking for some members to join our guild.

Daily Player and Contributor.
We are not here to make ridiculous requests daily, we want to create a fun atmosphere for everyone.

We have added a JR guild LetTheWookieWin2 for lower level players to join and compete in lower tier raids and develop their toon base.

Please feel free to comment below as we would love to have new members.
We also have LINE chat in which both guilds will be able to get some great feedback from our SR guild.

I look forward to seeing the requests pile in.
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  • Sparrow
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    I am in, ally code is posted in the Line App
  • 475-694-912
    Level 74, mostly FtP, CT timezone, Top 10 on shard, 32k arena
  • I support the premise of this guild!
    Good luck!
  • Ally code: 445-116-242
    Line name : theoneanonly(spit50)
    im still a growing player atm but with the new update I want to be more involved, can I join? lol
  • Gonk
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    Best of luck but I have decided to join another guild.
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  • BOOM BAM!!! still open room for members. Anyone that has posted a code now has an ally invite from me or Blue14. look for our LtWW tag.
  • Ally code: 938-929-214
    Name: CloneJT
    Im a daily active player who also loves wookies and looking for a fun guild to share the fun with
  • Bonifay, I sent you an ally request. Interested in joining guild. Lvl 74. Daily player looking to relax but have some fun. 4 7* toons with 2 more on the way.
  • guild invite sent.. thanks for joining.. yea man.. super relaxed here, just as long as dailys are understood. :)
  • Hi i'd like too join the guild off yours if it's still posible. I am level 70 and do all daily quest everyday. I will do all the guild quests aswell
    Ally Code: 388-273-594
  • If you're still looking for people and willing to take me I'll join. Ally code: 692-378-339.
  • sent :)
  • 248-152-856 Looking to join in active 2 6* and about to have some more after I get these shards
  • only a few open spots.. please inbox me
  • 662 564 526 if you have space still
  • 4 more slots till full. daily players feel free to post your ally code. we accept whales. :)
  • bump
  • Lvl 73 27k squad power 6x 7 star toons
  • Lvl 73 27k squad power 6x 7 star toons

    daily player/login? fun guild ahead.. send me ally we would love to have ya join
  • Do you all have room left? Half of my guild members can't complete their daily's, don't want to keep wasting my time. Does everyone in the guild complete their daily activity?
  • Do you have room still? Ally code-316-993-118
  • Helter8888 wrote: »
    Do you have room still? Ally code-316-993-118

    we are currently full, however we will be evaluting contributions on monday. i would certainly not as you to wait till then but i will check back here if we do make changes. thanks for reaching out.
  • kbonifay
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    need to fill some available spots. please let me know if interested. Thanks.
  • saberOriginal
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  • kbonifay
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    NEW UPDATE!!!!
    JR Guild opened today for lower level players and a few spots have opened in our SR guild. Please inbox or post below. Thanks.
  • Currently looking for 10 slots for fill it our guild. We have been steadily doing Heroic Raids but need daily players with substantial rosters.

    Level 80
    20+ 7* toons
    Daily player and contributor
    Can follow easy raid instructions

    Please post your ally code. Our next heroic is today. Thanks
  • I am a level 80 looking for a better guild and perhaps some advice on how to better my squad. Daily player 15 7* toons. Ally Code 894-993-127
  • Level 80.
    20+ 7star toons.
  • Hi, daily player here. my guild is really slow and cant reach all the good rewards.
    I would love to join your guild
    Level 80 (halfway on to 81)
    10x7* and number 300 on the arena, making my way up.
    My player name is Qa Gonn Jinn
  • Verran_Táu
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    Found something. Thanks :)
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