Little Dolphin lfg Western Europe Time adult players plz

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Hello I am Ashes !

Little dolphin means for me, that i buy the 21 day crystal package sometimes, so i would guess thats far away from being a whale :blush:

For Sunday i will have 10 toons 7* gear VIII/IX max ability, all level 75.5
Several toons are 5/6 * mostly gear VII max ability

I run through GW/Challenges etc every day.
I stay around 50 - 30 in my server rankings with actual the tendency to hitting top 30 without refreshes.

I will help out the guild with whatever i have/can do, if some special toons are needed i will star/gear them, even if i normally do not like them.
I will use line or whatever you prefer if you decide, that i may fit into your line up :wink:

I will NOT spent money sacks for anything except my progress/fun
I will NOT spent spare time on weekends/holidays/whenever real life hits me, for organizing/whatever you think there should be done

I am looking for an international (western european time zone) guild of adult players, to practise some english and perhaps learn something from players of various countries.

Fun and humor should be basic . . .

*If you find anything in my text, that needs corrections pm me plz, i am still willing to learn !*

Regards, Ashes
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