Looking for a fun guild

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What up my fellow gamers. I am looking to join a team that is laid back and fun. I've seen a lot of players on here looking to go for the jugular on these competitions. I am all for competitiveness but I like to keep it fun and drama free. I am just as happy finishing mid pack as I would be finishing first. At the end of the day it's just a game.

With that being said, yes I am fairly new. I have only been playing for two months and I am a f2p player. I only have two 7* characters and a handful of 5* characters at level 64 geared to level VII and VIII. I have been finishing global war around 150 so I am far from being a top tier player.

I am currently overseas but I log on every day. I really enjoy the game and want a fun group to play with that has fun and wants to be competitive, but wont go all emo Kylo Ren because we don't get first.


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