Newbie help w wise choices

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Not even been 24 hr since started playing and Im lvl 17(.5).... Obsessed.
Can't spend much real money at all- so what/which items/packs should I concentrate on w game shards and etc? Have to be extra careful I'm spending wisely.


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    Canteena node 2 (Luke). Press it over and over and dont worry about anything else. Use the canteena energy on Old Daka shipments.
    GW get luminara.
    Arena get Stormtrooper Han.
    Farm the light/dark side hard nodes for jedi counselor.

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  • Dont get Han from Arena. Han si garbage. Get Sid.
  • Agree on Sid. Agree on luminaria. Easy, obvious choices.

    The two cantina picks are less obvious. For shipments, daka is good for dark side progression and GW, but not really a pick for arena. For arena, the popular choices are probably boba fett or fives. For shards, Luke is great but spending on JW quite defensible. Light side/dark side nodes for him are slower.
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