Grand Moff Tarkin

Hello all. Newish to the game. Just got Tarkin. Should I be using him? I went thru the forums and found very little info about him. His intimation skill is kinda nice. It reduces enemy offense by 50%


  • Or should I be focusing on luke, leia, qgj??
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    Or should I be focusing on luke, leia, qgj??

    Unless you plan on spending more money for chrome cards stick with characters that are farmable. Luke is fine since you can farm shards
  • Makes sense. Is his special attacks worth continuing to lvl up?
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    You can use tarkin for along while before he becomes "obsolete" at least until level 50ish. He's a decent 4* character. Good damage, awesome debuffs (when they aren't getting resisted ) don't throw him to the side so quickly. Besides, you will need more than 5 guys for things like GW. You can use him in your dark side missions too. Just because it's impossible to get him past 4* without spending more $$ doesn't make him worthless imo.
  • There is nothing wrong with a 4* hero. You may not compete in the top 10 with him, but he is solid. You can probably use him all the way to 60 or until you find a better option. Extra heroes are great for GW at Lv 40 and DS heroes are hard to come by in the early game.
  • Tarkin is a really good character imo. Even if you can't implement him into your arena squad, I'd imagine he's a beast on GW, intimidation tactics is a great skill, you're lucky that you got him.
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  • I have him at 7*. Any suggestions? :x
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    Wish I had a 7* tarkin. I dont want to spend $1000s on this game tho ~
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    I have him at 7*. Any suggestions? :x

    Add a tank, like Poe or ST Han, Phasma, Luminara and Kylo. Tarkin will make the tank survive becuase the aoe debuff and the others will have time to work its magic.
  • I love Tarkin. Even at 4 stars he is brutal. His damage scales with his many allies are still alive, and he has an AOE Offense Down that's excellent.
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    Aoe debuff??
    Never seen debuff on him . Is he ?
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  • I'm going to level and gear him this week and see how he does at only 4*
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