Really Hoping

Really hoping some of the gear for gear level 10 can be obtained reasonably without joining guilds. In most other games guilds were what they are, additional content, but not mandatory to advance through a game.
Not too happy if I have to join a guild, which I have no desire to, just to get specific gear. **** in my opinion.
I know many of you want guilds, want the content, but I have no interest in dealing with people who think they have some sort of power just because they are leading a guild or have spent booku bucks.
Point of this post is a hope Devs still read this forum despite their lack of participation, and not for trolls who want to tell me to suck it up and join, or that I'm an **** for not joining a guild. This is a game, and I will play it how I want, but I don't want to be held back just because I don't want to participate in a particular area of the of new content they decided to use as the only path of gear acquisition, if indeed it is.
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