Sith (Enough) Guild

We are starting a guild that is going to be fun and not impossible to join. This guild only has 1 requirement. That requirement is that you have at least one 7* Sith or Sith enough character. Let me explain what I mean:
This is a list of the 7* characters you can have to join the guild (remember you only need at least 1 of them):

7* Asajj Ventress
7* Darth Sidious
7* Darth Maul
7* Darth Vader
7* General Grievous
7* Savage Opress
7* Count Dooku
7* Kylo Ren
7* Jedi Knight Anakin

These are all the characters that are either Sith related, or Sith enough.
If you see this post and wish to join, post a comment below, or add my ally code which is:

Or add this ally code as he will be 2nd in command: 972-187-132
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