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Hey guys!

I would like to ask you to give me your advice setting up my team. Currently I'm playing arenas with Darth Sidius (leader), Chewbacca, Count Dooku, Old Daka and Luminara.
I would like to change Chewby but I don't know it should be an other taunter like Poe Dameron or Stormtrooper Han, or something (tanky) damage dealer. I've got some pretty good options, because I got lucky pulling those cards.
I have some toons like Darth Maul, but lets get realistic... I will never be able to star him up.
If you think I should swap someone else too, please let me know.

Thanks for your help! :)



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    I'm more or less in the same boat as you


    I'm f2p and basically live or die with the toons that 90% the rest of arena players have.

    Chewie is a wasted turn but useful when your team is low on hp and you want a clutch heal from Lumi. I want to replace him but I fear that I would lower the overall hp of my team for someone not as strong.

    Jedi consular has surprised me after starring him up and getting deep in purple gear. That 15% increase in his regular attack is great. Decent damage dealer.

    My replacement for Chewie that I can think of now are either a better upgraded Talia or Poe.

    TBH you have toons upgraded that have wasted your resources for other better toons you have. For example you have resistance pilot, ima gun di, resistance trooper??, ugnaught?? Leveled up but have Phasma and Barriss at lower levels.
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    Thanks for your comment.

    I don't think I wasted too much resources on them, because back then their were useful for events and light/dark side missions (yes... that ugnaught was a big mistake...). But after I got lucky and pulled some good toons I didn't use them anymore. I would be happy to get back those resources, but i have tons of credits (from gw and event) and training droids, so i can easily max out anyone I want.

    About the toons...

    I will gear up Barris for GW or light side missions when I'll will need her (I can easily wipe out the GW with 0 or max 1 deaths). But after the nerf she is not a really good late game healer and it is really hard to star her up.

    Same with Ima-Gun Di when i'll need him on light side missions.

    It would be years to star up Resistance Trooper, I'd rather buy IG-88 after I get Sid 7*.

    The Resistance Pilot... He was good, but after the nerf... meh... not so good (but please let me know if I'm wrong). If someone dies in the last matches of GW i usually drop him or light side missions but nothing else.

    Darh Maul is too squishy imo, and I'd use him only against jedi teams in GW and dark side missions, since I can't star him up.

    Phasma as a leader would be very OP with Rey, Dooku, Fives and Leia. Imagine those multi-attack triggers. But as I said, be realistic... we will never be able to build such a team only if we pay for it. But until then I think Sid and his leader buff is much better.

    In my opinion Luminara is the best healer atm. The heal over time saved my a**, and the ability block helped me to finish off someone in the first round many times. She does great damage and it is very easy to star her up. So I'll definietly keep her. On the other hand there is Daka vs. JC... Daka can revive and stun a LOT (and a meta healer for dark side missions), but (as far as I know) JC has the lowest cooldown on his heal and he is the only toon you can gear up to VIII atm. For now I will stick to Luminara + Daka, but I'll keep on farming JC and I will maybe swap Daka to JC if he will be strong enough. Talia is the wors't healer because her health sacrifice imo, I don't really want to use her.

    About replacing Chewbacca...

    I'm farming Daka from cantina shipments, for the reasons I wrote above, so Poe is not a good choice for me atm (but again, please let me know if I'm wrong).

    I see two options now. IG-88 or Stormtrooper Han after 7* Sid. Both has pros and cons. Maybe Poggle after I get Luminara to 7*.

    I don't know... Please give me your thoughts.
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    Put Lumi as leader amd make her leader skill up to 5. It is better for PVP than Sid's
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    Ok, I will test it, thanks for your advice!
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    I use chewwy for leader at 4 stars and gear lvl6 and he is lvl 55. My counsular and lumi, talia, and lobot are his teammates and are all elite but talia. Chewy is great for the taunt and tanking. I swap him out as lead for captain sometimes but my arena rank os decreasing from 100_200 to 200_300. So i need to change things up.
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    I'm usually <100, sometimes <50 so I'm fine with my current set up, but i want to change to be even better and Chewy is not a very strong toon imo.
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