Galactic War - The most dangerous team you have faced and how did you passed it.

Hi, from time to time, like once a week, CG gives us a very very VERY strong team on the node before the last. I propose to share the experience about what team you got and how did you got, what particular trouble you had and how did you made it through :)


This team was hard because this is freekin new ewok meta team!!! You try to kill the healer and RG taunts you. You shoot RG and healers is healed. You shoot healer again, RG taunts you!!! And in the meanwhile you are dead :(

How did i passed(I had no Yoda neither QGJ) - Mental note, now that you have Daka, concentrate in gettin QGJ!!!

Team Bantha: Used just to put the teddy bears on cooldown. Used some 5 random lvl 1 unlocked characters.

Team Shields: Used to remove their protections. Al of the characters except Sid were not lvled up
-Darth Vader

Team at least scratch them a bit: Droid Team with a little surprise. Worked worse than i expected, but at least left 2 characters at 50% health.
-Teebo(for dispelling, but didn't worked good)

My regular GW team:
-Geonosian Soldier
-Jedi Consular
-Old Daka


  • Celebr1mb0r
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    I ran into an into a a pretty rare all 7* Jedi team,when I was lvl 74, consisted of:

    - Ima-Gun Di (L)... I mean who?

    - Aayla Secura ... seriously where do they find these toons?

    - Anakin

    - Yoda

    - Lumi

    IGD gave all Jedi's a very high counter %, Aayla had counter to begin with, and Anakin was the strongest of the toons dealing high damage with heal and buff immune. I abandoned AoE attacks right away, consequences were deadly for my Sid and HK - 4 jedis countered after HK tossed the nade, instantly killing him at full health, and I rage retreated.

    Lucky for me, the team was only level 70, owner must've been taking a break since the update. I image this combo was deadlier pre-update, before yoda and lumi got nerf'ed. I sent in a suicide squad:

    - Pasma (L) 7*,
    - Sid 7*,
    - HK 7* ,
    - 5's 5*
    - Barris 5*

    They took down Anakin and dealt some dmg to the other 4 before with a few tries. Then goes my main GW squad (also my arena):

    - Dooku (L) 6*,
    - QGJ 7*
    - GS 7*
    - Rey 6*
    - Lumi 7*

    Dooku was able to stun Aayla, GS swarm pulled Rey, putting Aayla in the red who couldn't counter stunned and was finished off by the next blow. Then it was a standard 5 on 3, Ima was still pretty tough, their Lumi healed at some point and QGJ was able to get offence up for the team with humbling blow, the rest was history.

    Personally I think the all Jedi squad has huge potential, now that Ima-Gun Di and Anakin are both farmable in cantina battles at level 77. No chance I'm getting aayla, but I think QGJ is a much better tool box than yoda, then I would farm Mace and keep lumi for healing. It's a pretty solid squad that I think can go far in the arena.

  • Xaylin
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    The worst team is a maxed out rebel team. You either have to get luck or its likely going to require some sacrifices.
  • CaptainRex
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    I've met some droid teams that have given me trouble. But yesterday I fought Dooku L, Phasma, Daka, GS, and QJ, all at level 78, high gear, etc. Normally I can beat any team, but I had let Lumi and Daka die, because this was the second to last battle. Took me an hour of retreating, and burning about 20 toons to finally beat it.
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  • Haha. Serpico is in my guild! Great player. He does a lot of damage in guild raids.
  • GajoNikado
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    Haha. Serpico is in my guild! Great player. He does a lot of damage in guild raids.

    I bet he runs this team for Arena, right?
  • wrilley
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    The only issue I ever have is with a team with high first round damage. I just send in a suicide squad to burn off their first attacks. 1 toon with medium-high hp (you don't want very high because they live too long, but you need someone to live long enough to get to the fifth enemy's attack. 1 with medium-low HP. 2 with minimal HP (level 1 works- they're just fodder for the single-target hitters). I only use 4 toons.

    Against AoE teams (which happens about never) I'd use 3 with medium (or appropriate) hp + 2 level 1s. If you're down to 1 toon the AI will save the AoE you want to go away.

    I should note here, my goal is not to do damage. Just burn off that initial blast and let your A-team come back and nuke them.
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